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Dear Mr. Atheist

Dear Mr. Atheist,
Mr. Atheist I acknowledge you comments and I respectfully disagree with what you had to say. I would also like to thank you for your comments and thank you in advance for reading my blog.
God is not a being he is being. That is what the Aquinas teachings are telling us. You may say that if there is a God then he should be a being and there should be proof. God is not a being he is being like in everyone else. A quote from Hahnenberg is “God is love”. It does not say God is a lover it says God is love. It says this because God is not a being and cannot be something but he can be love. When Moses asked God who are you he said “I am who am”. What God means by this is that he is not anyone but with everyone who believes in him. God is not one person but is a bunch of people that believe in him and that is the way he shows himself to us on Earth.
Mr Atheist there are different ways of knowing and if one way is through intellect and science another way of knowing is through experience. I bring up the experience because you only believe in the science. I am sure that at some point in your life you have loved someone and/or someone has loved you. Science can not explain that feeling that you get when you see or are talking to that person. Rob Bell said that when you fall in love with someone that is a proof for God. I had said that science cannot prove that love and explain how you feel for that person. I bring this up because you love to say how science cannot prove God, well science cannot prove love either and everyone believes in love. In CCC31 “The person who seeks God discovers certain ways of coming to know him”. This is important because when you want to seek out God and grow closer to him you find him and therefore have proofs of him. When you decide there is no God (Mr. Atheist) and you do not look for him or look for the answers you will not find him.
My proof for God is my grandpa. That is my proof for God because while he and his wife may not be blood grandparents they love us just like if we were. That love for them cannot be explained with science. A couple years ago my grandpa was not feeling right and his foot was not right. He went to the doctor who immediately sent him to the hospital. It turned out he had MRSA in his foot which had spread to his leg. He had to go through 3 surgeries to remove his leg right below the knee. I remember going to see him and we had to put surgical things on to go see him and the doctors were very concerned. After a month in the hospital he was able to come home and I remember going with my grandma to get him. It was not till years later that I realized how bad it actually was. I truly believe God saved his life. That is my proof for God.
Mr. Atheist I hope that this has changed your mind about God but I can never know. I will be praying for you that you will find your God and be happy.